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Siesta Time

Siesta Time

Cabo San Lucas has a lot to offer the visitor.  The stunning climate makes golfing on the world class courses available most days of the year.  The waters surrounding Cabo San Lucas are filled with game fish.  Swimming, tennis, hiking, shopping and exploring the beauty of Cabo attracts many visitors every year. Visiting with Los Cabos Real Estate to gather information about how to make the lovely lifestyle of Cabo your own is something everyone will want to do. 

 But sometimes, in the midst of a busy day, the visitor will encounter stores or offices closed during the middle of the afternoon.  Cabo San Lucas, not wrapped in the hustle and bustle of larger Mexican cities, still enjoys the very civilized custom know as the Siesta.

A siesta is a short nap taken in the early afternoon usually following the midday meal which is the main meal for the peoples of Mexico.  The siesta is the traditional daytime sleep of Mexico and many other countries around the world. Foreigners often refer to the long midday break as the “siesta”.  However, that is what Mexicans refer to as mediodia (midday) which is when they enjoy “la comida” which is the heaviest meal of the day.

Sleep timing in humans depends on a balance between homeostatic sleep propensity, the need for sleep as a function of the amount of time elapsed since the last adequate sleep episode, and the circadian rhythms which determine the ideal timing of a correctly structured and restorative sleep episode.  The homeostic pressure to sleep starts growing upon awakening.  The circadian signal for wakefulness starts building in the (late) afternoon.

Therefore, in many people, there is a dip when the drive for sleep has been building for hours and the drive for wakefulness has not yet started.  This is a great time for a nap.



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