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Economic and political ties alone will not attract retirees and others to live in a foreign land; beyond the underlying strengths of the Baja region, Los Cabos offers its residents a superb quality of life, with services and amenities to support a comfortable way of living.

The great outdoors -- on the water and on land -- is really spectacular here. The climate lends itself perfectly to outdoor pursuits, which is why Los Cabos is host to no less than six world championship golf courses and major international sports fishing events.

In addition to sports fishing, SCUBA diving, boating and yachting, swimming, canoeing and kayaking, wind surfing and water skiing are just a few of the other water sports on offer here.

Back on the land: the diversity of the desert terrain offers opportunities to hike, climb, take part in eco-tours and adventure travel activities (off road racing, climbing, etc). Mountains over a mile high provide breath-taking views and an opportunity to get fit and, quite literally, lift yourself up from the heat of the coasts to the cool mountain micro climates at 5,000 feet.

Foreign expatriate communities -- now well established in this region -- provide advice, support and networks of friends and associates to participate in sports and hobbies, do business, or simply relax and unwind.

Potential expatriates may look at various locations across Mexico and see similarities in what each one has to offer. Los Cabos -- and the Baja Peninsula -- is unique: no other region in Mexico offers what this peninsula does, and no other coastal resort town offers what Los Cabos does.



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