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Revolution Day in Mexico


November 20th ~~~Revolution Day in Mexico

This date is important in Mexican history because it marks the beginning of the war to overthrow the dictator Porfirio Diaz.  General Porfirio Diaz, an important figure during the wars against the foreign invaders, came to power when he rebelled against Lerdo de Tejada in 1876. 

For most of Mexico’s developing history, a small minority of people under the rule of Don Porfirio (as he was called) controlled most of the country’s power and wealth.  Mexico had political stability and grew in many areas, creating new industries, railroads, and miles of railroad tracks as well as the increase in foreign capital.  During this 30 year span (1875 – 1910) the majority of the population worked in poverty.  Under the leadership of General Porfirio Diaz, the rift between the poor and the rich grew and the political voice of the lower classes declined.  Opposition surfaced when Francisco I. Madero, educated in France and the University of California, led a series of strikes throughout the country. 

Madero came from a wealthy family from Coahuila.  He fought against reelection and for democracy and liberty in Mexico through his political newspaper articles. He founded the Anti-Reelectionist Party in early 1909 and the party designated him to run for President in the election of 1910.

Now under constant pressure, Diaz ordered the imprisonment of Madero on June 6th.  Francisco I. Madero imprisoned in San Luis Potosi, awaited he results of the elections. When he learned that through an electoral fraud Diaz had declared himself President of Mexico once again, Madero, always before a pacifist, decided to flee from prison and called for a National Insurrection on November 20, 1910.

Madero declared the electoral process invalid and appointed provisional Governors.   Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, was taken by the insurrectionists: Pascual Orozco and Francisco “Pancho” Villa.   After the city surrendered, Madero set up his provisional government there.  Diaz was forced to resign and flee the country.

Some of the more important Revolutionaries were Pascual Orazco, Francisco Villa in the north and Emilliano Zapata in the south.

When new elections were held in 1911, Madero was elected president.  Peace did not come to this country for awhile due to several Revolutionary leaders unable to settle their differences.  While Madero wanted to work steadily and patiently towards bettering the economic and social situation, many revolutionary commanders wanted immediate change.  For example, Pascual Orozco, led and lost a revolt against Madero.

President Madero was also attacked by three Porfirist generals, who in turn made the fatal decision of appointing Victoriano Huerta to repress the offensive.  History would prove the Victoriano Huerta was the utmost traitor of the Revolution.  Accomplices of Huerta captured and assassinated Madero.  The vice president and a brother of Madero were also killed.  The entire country existed in a state of disorder for several years.  Pancho Villa rampaged through the north, and different factions fought for presidential control.

When Venustiano Carranza rose to the presidency he organized an important convention whose outcome was the Constitution of 1917, which is still in effect today. 

The Revolution had at last triumphed!!!!!

If you are in Cabo (or anywhere in Mexico) be aware that this is what is considered an obligatory holiday and banks and schools will be closed.  In Cabo, expect to see a parade at least once during the day.  The holiday will not interfere with your appointment with your real estate agent at Cabo San Lucas Real Estate and most shops and restaurants will be open as usual.




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