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Retirees, Other Americans Moving to Mexico

Retirees are still flocking to Mexico. Only it is not just retirees anymore. Younger people are making the choice to move to Mexico to take advantage of everything from lower cost of living to more stable climate.

"Analysts say the influx of Americans is fueled by such factors as a lower cost of living, more affordable housing, warm weather, a more relaxed pace of life and a different political atmosphere.

More than 76 million American baby boomers are expected to reach retirement age in the next 20 years, and 25 percent of them have no savings, according to an AARP report. A significant number of those future retirees will likely be heading south, said Viviana Rojas, a researcher at the University of Texas in San Antonio."

Maybe you too have watched your retiree friends make that jump from life in America to Mexico. They have reported to you, perhaps in visits back to the States, how much they love it there and plan to spend the rest of their days. You have been intrigued. "But me," you ask yourself, "could I do it too?"

One of the first questions you ask yourself is “What if I do not speak Spanish” Not to worry if you are moving to Los Cabos.  In Los Cabos you will find plenty of people who speak English.  For any other doubts or concerns be sure to contact Los Cabos Agent.  Nick Fong is here to make your move to Los Cabos as fearless and easy as possible.



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