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Each year more people from the United States and Canada are discovering the joy of visiting Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for their vacation getaways. And each year a larger percentage of these happy campers decide to make Mexico their permanent home.Top of Form

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The advantages of moving to Mexico are many, and each person who does so has their own specific reasons for making the move south. For some it is the lure of a warmer climate that pulls them south. They have just had enough of the rain/snow/cold at home and just aren't going to take it any more.

For others the reasons for slipping south of the border are mostly economic. Living in Mexico, even though the costs have risen over the years, is still significantly less expensive than living in most parts of the United States and Canada. Housing, transportation, basic medical needs and more are quite a bit less expensive in Mexico, and without taking a big hit on the quality of life. And for some of those who make the move the quality of life actually takes a big jump up.

Society has changed over the last few decades. We are no longer expected to live, work and die in the same city we were born in. It's a big world out there and it can be fun to explore some of the options available to us. One of those options is to "Feel the Warmth of Los Cabos".

And by the way...if you are planning on moving to Mexico make sure you like Mexicans....they are everywhere down here! Fortunately they are some of the most gracious and hospitable people on the planet.





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