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History of Golf in Los Cabos

History of Golf in Los Cabos

The question is how was it that Los Cabos suddenly turned into a favorite destination for golf fans? Modern golf, as we know it today, was born in Scotland. For many centuries, golf has been popular until it reached global attention, when it turned into the most famous individual sport of all.

During the 50’s, Hollywood celebrities used to fly to Cabo San Lucas in private jets in order to do some fishing. But it was not until 1974 that the roadway between Tijuana-Cabos was built, which increased the influx of tourists coming to this hidden jewel – Los Cabos. This splendid region, part of the top of the peninsula of Baja California, is the center of six golf tournaments. The first one took place in 1993, with the opening of Palmilla Golf Club, designed by legendary Jack Nicklaus, considered one of the best golf players of all times.

Since 1995 this destination has been the seat of the Senior Slam tournament, which has also promoted the sport and the beauty of the region. Its six golf courses are considered even intimidating ones, still this hasn’t thrown a spanner in the works for the constant influx of golf players who accept the challenge. The most experimented players will be surprised with its designs, while beginners will enjoy the challenge and the spectacular views while they are playing.

The main feature of Los Cabos, is the variety of colors reflected in the surface of the Sea of Cortes. The great majority of golf courses have many holes in front of the Pacific Ocean. Combine the view of the sea with golden sand beaches, joined with the desert beauty, which has a result a paradise for golf players. Due to the fact that Los Cabos is one of the only tropical deserts in the world with a small amount of rain during the year, almost guarantees you the chances of playing in a sunny day. Either if you are a beginner or an expert in this subject, you will fall in love with the spectacular golf courses of Los Cabos.




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