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Gated communities are neighborhoods in which access is limited only to authorized residents and their guests. These communities are often staffed with a security team that watches the front gate 24 hours per day to make sure only those with permission are allowed inside. These types of communities are typically upscale and are popular with people for several reasons.

No Through Traffic

·        One of the most important factors involved with living in a gated community is the peace and quiet. Neighborhoods with open access can, and often do, have lots of unnecessary traffic that adds noise pollution. A gated community tends to have only minimal traffic as residents and their guests come and go without the added hassle of other drivers passing through.

·        Security

Security is an obvious attractive quality for a gated community. A guard posted at the gate, or simply a gated entryway that requires a code to gain access, will keep intruders out and keep the possibilities of burglary or home invasion very low.

Property Value

·        The houses built within a gated community are often on the upper end in regards to design, beauty, quality and price. Being located within a community, houses have a better chance of gaining property value and tend to be steady during market fluctuations.

·        Children’s Play

Families with children often look at the features of a new home or neighborhood with consideration for their children. They want a place where the kids can enjoy quality time in and out of the house, and they want them to have safe streets to walk.


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