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Another Los Cabos Agent Speaks Out....

I´ve been wanting to touch base with you regarding the purchase of my house here in los cabos, san jose del cabo, in pueblo la playa…. I wanted to give you some feedback and also for future customers if they want to hear about the quality service you provided me. We met just about four years ago. I had contacted 10 realtors in cabo through their email on the webpages. Three agents responded to my emails. You were one of the three. In my initial email I said, ¨I am moving to cabo, not planning to purchase anything in the next year or so, need to find a good place to live, get my feet on the ground, know my way around, and get my bearings of the right place to end up¨. Out of the three who responded, you were the only agent who followed up with me when i came to Cabo a month after my initial contact. The first days we met, you spent a handful of hours with me, helping me to understand the difference between San jose, the Corridor and San Lucas and the different living options here in Los Cabos. You did this KNOWING I was not about to purchase a house anytime soon. After a month in cabo i got settled in at a rental in La Playa…(known to many as la playita, or puerto los cabos). We stayed in touched, talked about different options--you were always open, supportive of my many questions, gave honest feedback and were professional in dealing with me. Back in the states, though i wasn´t an agent, i was a real-estate developer, so I´m familiar with the shortsighted nature of many agents…the basic courtesy you showed me from day one knowing I was not going to be purchasing right away, earned you my loyalty as my agent here in Cabo. Two years after the fact, finding three small houses, on a double lot a block from the beach, was worth the wait for both of us. I hope you know I´m thrilled with the property i purchased, and it would´t have happened had you not beat the bushes for me, made the contact of the potential seller, AND waited for me to get my ducks in a row (after two years of renting the house i eventually purchased). I hope that you continue to build a client base of loyal costumers because you deserve it. Not everyone is a good fit…yet you were for me. You work hard, have a direct honest manner about you and are not pushing pushing pushing your clients to make the deal happen. You heard me from day one what i was planning to do here in los cabos and with time and patience you made it happen. I´d like to say i wish other agents were more like you…but in reality, I don´t. If I ever do another land deal here in Cabo you are the agent I´ll call, so I don´t need other agents to be like you…just keep doing the great job you have been doing and I know you´ll continue to be successful. Thank you again, and keep at it.


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