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Cabo is Inexpensive, Let me Explain

Cabo is Inexpensive….Let me Explain!

Recently we read a report that stated the city of Los Cabos was ranked the most expensive city in Mexico.  It is obvious to those of us who live and travel in Mexico that this report must have been done by someone unfamiliar with Mexico and especially Los Cabos.

Los Cabos does have its high end real estate and luxury hotels.  But that is true in any resort location.  And in those locations, we can expect to find high prices.  This is true be it in Mexico, the United States or Canada.

We have recently traveled to other beach areas in Mexico and can unequivocally state that prices are not higher in Los Cabos.  As an example, prices in restaurants in Cancun are about double what they are here in some of our better dining spots.  Los Deseos, a charming restaurant on the marina, offers selections for dinner from 120 pesos to 200 pesos.  The same goes for Hacienda El Coyote where an entrée will run you about 150 pesos.  These are the same prices you will find on the mainland in Guadalajara in the better dining spots.  Then take into consideration that here in Los Cabos, we pay 5% less sales tax than the mainland pays.

La Fonda located 8 blocks from the center of town offers a comida executiva from 2 to 4 p.m. at 85 pesos.  Alcaravea also offers a comida executive at the same price.  And while we are on the subject of Italian restaurants, let’s not forget, Romeo and Julieta, Rafalle’s, and the ever popular Salvatore’s.  Reasonable prices at all these great establishments.

Prices in Walmart and Costco in Los Cabos are identical to the same establishments in Guadalajara.  Again, factor in the difference in the tax and you will see that Los Cabos is less expensive. 

We are fortunate in Los Cabos to have several major super market chains.  And coming soon will be a giant Mega due to open shortly.  These stores understand competition and by paying attention, a shopper is able to take advantage of the many “ofertas”.  

We have excellent health care in Cabo as well.  If you want to pay top dollar you are free to go to Amerimed but the locals use places like Hospital Reforma just behind the Plaza Sendero.  A visit to a doctor there will run you 150 pesos.  Try that in the U.S.  There are many small hospitals such as Reforma throughout Los Cabos.

Before we leave Plaza Sendero be aware that it is a mall that offers real products to real people.  This is not a tourist mall such as Puerto Paraiso.  They offer a great food court there as well.  Not a seat is available on a Sunday afternoon at this food court. Why?  A good example would be a 75 peso Chinese meal from Hong Fat that easily serves three people.  While you are there….you might want to catch a movie at the Cinepolis theatre.  First run movies from the U.S., in English with subtitles in Spanish. If you are a senior you never pay more than 43 pesos no matter the day or time.

Some people have commented on our taxi service.  We have to agree that the blue and green taxis tend to be highway robbers.  But if you want to take a taxi out along the corridor, the trick is to take a blue or green taxi from downtown to Plaza Sendero where you can then take an Eco Taxi anywhere for a fraction of what the other taxis might quote you.  Eco Taxis cannot pick you up downtown but they can drop you off there at the end of you trip.

At the end or your trip when you need to get to the airport…..you can always take a bus to the airport for 15 pesos.  They do not deliver you right to the terminal but it is another option.

 So do not tell us that Los Cabos in one of the most expensive cities in Mexico. We live here and we know better.






Posted: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 9:15 AM by Nicholas Fong


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