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Eat and Enjoy Your Vacation in Mexico
You have come to Mexico to enjoy the surf, the sand and the savory Mexican dishes that are so popular. But wait…..you have also heard that Mexican food is fattening and you do not want to ruin your vacation by adding extra pounds. First of all, Mexican food is some of the most nutritious food available if eaten properly. Granted snacking and drinking can be a problem on vacation so we would like to offer a few tips on how to eat Mexican and not gain weight. 1. Ask for some fresh vegetables to dip in the guacamole and salsas. 2. Use the chips like a spoon. Eat the first two bites with the chip acting as a spoon and eat the chip with the third bite. 3. Use a squeeze of lime to flavor your food instead of sour cream. 4. Choose corn tortillas over flour and go for soft rather than crisp (fried). 5. Don’t let the server remove the salsa or pico de gallo when your main course arrives. They are both healthy and add flavor. 6. Choose whole pinto or black beans rather than refried. 7. Skip the sugary Margarita and order a Paloma. This authentic Mexican drink is Tequila topped with grapefruit soda. 8. Or choose dark beer like Negro Modelo. It’s much better for Mexican cuisine than the standard Corona. 9. Good Mexican restaurants have seafood and vegetarian dishes, so give these a try. 10. Try Nopalitos, these pads of prickly cactus are one of the most healthful dishes in Mexican cuisine. Above all, enjoy your stay in Mexico.
Posted: Thursday, June 7, 2012 1:01 PM by Nick Fong


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