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The internet can be a wonderful tool which enables us to find out what is going on in the world at a moment’s notice.  However, it can also create a bad situation when news is reported with no factual base or exaggerated in order to create more interest.

On October 28th an isolated incident resulting in an exchange of gunfire erupted in Cabo San Lucas.  Much has been reported regarding this incident but I feel that it is important to set the record straight and tell the world what really happened in this sleepy tranquil place that many foreigners as well as Mexicans call home.

The shootout was in retaliation for the excellent work the military and police have done in Cabo San Lucas.  Recent events have caused the authorities to arrest approximately a dozen people who were in Cabo to try to advance the work of the drug cartels of Mexico.  The cartels did not like the fact that the military and police are doing their job and tried to retaliate the night of October 28th and with a brief skirmish on the 29th when they were running from the authorities and tried to take refuge in Plaza Sendero, a popular shopping mall.

Some reports that have circulated the internet report that some 200 people were held hostage by the narcs at Plaza Sendero.  The truth is that shooting erupted inside of Soriana, the anchor store of Plaza Sendero.  Customers inside of the store were hastily ushered into the warehouse to safety by store personal as well as the authorities.  There were no injuries.

All of the above took place in a period of a little over 12 hours.  Everything is back to normal in Cabo.  The shopping mall is operating at 100%; the authorities have determined that no drug operations will be allowed to stand in Los Cabos.  This is not a good place geographically for bad guys to try to operate.  There are only two roads out of Cabo both joining before they reach La Paz.  One phone call will shut down both airports and the bus stations.  So unless the bad guy is a good swimmer, chances are he will be caught rapidly.  As an example, the recent arrests mentioned above were made within10 or 12 hours after the event.  Excellent work by the authorities here.

We are not concerned that the recent isolated incident will have any bearing on the safety of ourselves and our families.  I, myself, have two children (2 years and 3 months old).  So before you panic and think you will not come to Cabo because of the “crime”, check out this site    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crime_in_the_United_States and compare the statistics for your hometown with one incident in Cabo San Lucas.

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Tony T said:

But you did state that the cartels are there to advance their operations. Do you think they are scared now and won't return? Is it not true a police commissioner was killed recently? These facts are very concerning.  The cartels have not backed down yet, why should they in Cabo?

# October 31, 2011 9:46 AM

I was there said:

I was there on the 29th and yes was one of the many held for our protection inside the Sendero for our protection!!! Excellant article, Cabo is very safe I am an American thats lives here full time.  And I am very proud of our Military forces along with the local and federal police that hanlde the situation.  Cabo is like living in a time capsul from 40 years ago, we all know our neighbors we sleep with our doors open and or unlocked, everyone looks out for each others children, and our children have never been at risk of being shot at school, can you say that in the US no, we are safe so please do not lets this event stop you from coming down here, they did this to protect you and the future of our amazing town.

# October 31, 2011 11:14 AM

A Gringo Thinking Logically... said:

In response to Tony T, I personally think that the geography of Cabo makes it very unreasonable for any significant drug presence to exist in Cabo.  After all, the drug cartel are probably some of the savviest businessmen in the World.  How would a population of only a few hundred thousand be worth battling it out for the cartel with a military and police force that is showing a strength and fervor unlike other areas in Mexico.  Also, the location of Cabo is such that it doesn't seem logical from a logistics stand point for the cartel to care much about setting up roots. The biggest consumers of the Drugs are Stateside and the most logical place to have turf wars is near the border and the cities in the path from Drug Manufacturing to Drug Consumption ie. Mainland Mexico.  

It seems to me that the Mexican Government did the right thing by coming on so strong and squashing the proliferation of drug cartels.  The drug cartels (businessmen) are going to go the path of least resistance and where the most money is to be made with the least capital expenditure.  Cabo Just doesn't Make Sense.    

# October 31, 2011 1:26 PM

Christopher S said:

Thanks for getting out this information. As its better to hear it from someone on the ground than someone reporting from afar.

I believe that it is best to follow the truth/facts and statistics. I have a business that takes me all over Latin America and for sure I feel most safe there in Los Cabo.

If you look at just the Statistics you are just about as safe as any where in Orange County California. However something like this just happened a few months ago in Dana Point/San Juan Capistrano where four gunman took over a Jewelry Store that had been held up several times before and where shot by the store owner   as one of the suspects where thought to have run into a Costco next to the Jewelry store. See this link below. But it didn't stop millions from visiting or living in the OC.


Also take a look at NATGEO and the "Gang Wars" in the USA Series where they follow the MS-13 and its links to Latin America and North Carolina. Carolina ??? Really !!

Or how about back in the day when there was a sniper in DC or the one in Los Angeles that keep shooting at tourist that where driving rental cars with the rental car stickers on them.

My point is travel anywhere outside your own bubble with caution and respect. Be aware of your surroundings and take your own personal precautions. Don't go looking for trouble as more than likely trouble wont go looking for you.

# October 31, 2011 2:58 PM

Albert said:

I am in Cabo for my semi annual visit and heard the gunshots and grenades both days from where I am staying.  I never felt any personal danger and am very impressed with the professional behaviour of the military and police in this city.  Residents of Cabo should sleep well at night knowing they have such good protection.  

# October 31, 2011 3:02 PM
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