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Los Cabos Medical Tourism and heathcare for Cabo's Kids

As Baby Boomers age and become “Baby Zoomers”, they realize life decisions need to be made sooner rather than later; many involve one of today’s fastest growing economies ... Medical Tourism.

Many initiatives are underway in Los Cabos to attract people here for medical reasons including diagnosis, treatments, procedures and surgeries, many of which involve cutting-edge technologies which may or may not yet be available in the United States or Canada. Also, several organizations in Los Cabos are building medical facilities for locals, especially children and the under-privileged.

Medical Tourism is an international business concept with countries such as India, Turkey, Costa Rica and Southeast Asia offering services far away from the medical industry in North America. The public health system in Canada provides funding for medical care but often wait times are too long for suffering patients. When one’s health is an issue, cost and distance are minor considerations in order to achieve well-being.

Mexican centers like Tijuana and Guadalajara have provided medical services for years but now people are looking to Los Cabos for a more comfortable experience. Costs of up to 50% less are available from doctors, dentists, specialists and practitioners who have received degrees and training internationally...some even make house calls! Insurance coverage may be obtained making it convenient and economical to come to Los Cabos for the care they need.

One organization involved in this growing market is Frontier Doctors which recently introduced operations in Los Cabos to bring people from the United States for many types of treatments and procedures while offering a ‘vacation tour’ for the whole family. Frontier Doctors is associated with doctors, laboratories, pharmacies and medical providers that meet the high standards of a demanding clientele. The company has determined that many Baja doctors are highly trained and very skilled in their selected specialties with a high level of commitment, integrity and patient consideration.

Doctor certifications are from top medical universities in Mexico, US and Europe and state-of-the-art equipment and technology make diagnosis and treatment of diseases and ailments the best available. Frontier Doctors is an example of people doing well for others by providing top-notch health care, improving quality of life and introducing thousands of new visitors to Los Cabos, many of whom may eventually choose to make their new home here.

Doctors involved in such programs include oncologists, cardiologists, orthodontists, radiologists, diagnostic technicians, plastic surgeons, pediatricians, cosmetic surgeons, acupuncturists, masseurs, health & wellness coaches, laser eye surgeons plus many other specialties. Stem cell therapy is a very ‘hot topic’ and companies such as ProgenCell are leaders in this field.

Irving Stackpole of Boston is a leader in market research of medical tourism and has designed a virtual office program, which shows prospective clients what to expect during their appointment. Los Cabos businessman Bob Webb is introducing this technique here.

A major initiative in Los Cabos is the Partnership Program for the Children’s Medical Campus which is building a medical care facility to treat kids with cancer. Los Cabos is the only area in Mexico that does not provide cancer care for children. The Los Cabos Children’s Foundation and Amigos de los Ninos (“Friends of the Children”) have affiliations with St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Avera McKennan Hospital, the Mayo Clinic, American Airlines, Teleton and others to send children to the States for bone marrow transplants, heart surgeries, cancer treatments and other life-saving treatments.

The Children’s Medical Campus will include state-of-the-art technology and equipment, the Spirit of Joy cancer treatment center, the Josefina Blood Bank, family accommodations, training classrooms, a custom wheelchair assembly section, a children’s hospital and many other benefits.

Many people contribute to Medical Tourism and Healthcare for kids in Los Cabos ... here are comments from some of them: Tom Walsh, Founder, Los Cabos’ Children’s Foundation: “Thanks to everyone’s support and commitment, the LCCF has developed into one of the most significant charitable organizations in the Baja and a model for what caring, committed people do for needy children and communities...together we are changing the world one child at a time”.

Gay Thatcher, Amigos de los Ninos: “We celebrate joy for a cure and sadness for the children we cannot keep with us. Because of them and for them, we dream of better free clinics and help for special case children with severe illnesses. Their heart and courage inspires us to share to give the kids what they need to win the difficult battle against cancer and other illnesses. They all depend on us for love and a cure, both body and soul.

All children deserve a life of equal opportunity and circumstance”.

Korey Riggs, Los Cabos Children’s Foundation: “We are excited about the Children’s Medical Campus; apart from taking care of the medical needs of children, it is a project that creates a sense of community in Los Cabos. It is something everyone can rally around and gives the people the opportunity to give back and leave a legacy”.

Ray Thomas, Grupo de Apoyo Ray Thomas: GART has introduced sport and breakfast programs for hundreds of kids in Los Cabos...“a bat and a ball are basic human rights”.

The efforts of such dedicated organizations create an enriching medical environment that attracts medical professionals from around the world to inspire a sense of community for diverse cultures and economic levels...”no person shall go untreated”... and build a sustainable legacy for future generations.

For more information about the initiatives of Medical Tourism and Healthcare for kids in Los Cabos, please contact Mr. Blackburn at ask@caboguy.com

Posted: Tuesday, February 1, 2011 1:35 PM by Nick Fong


Lisa Mowrey said:

Very inspirational!!

Children are the future.

Sending BIG Love to the Children and their families!

Lisa Mowrey

# February 3, 2011 8:29 AM
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