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Jim Cramer calls Mexican Real Estate a BUY!

This July 2010 article has caught a lot of attention and is drawing a large number of people to Mexico to buy real estate.  The location is ideal for Americans and Canadians alike.  For many there is no difference between a flight from Chicago to San Francisco than a flight from Chicago to Cabo San Lucas.  With several flights daily going between Canada/America and Mexico, accessibility is usually the least of issues for travelers. Also, the cost of living is so much less than most other North American cities with the benefits of a slower pace of life and beautiful weather all year round. 

Medical care is also advancing and addressing more and more of the needs of retirees here in Mexico.  With hospitals adapting American standards and a fully bilingual staff, hospitals like Amerimed are becoming increasingly more popular.  There are 2 such facilities in Los Cabos - one in Cabo San Lucas and another in San Jose del Cabo.  Many of people's medical insurance cover Amerimed bills too. Also, for a very inexpensive premium each year you can get Medivac insurance for those extreme medical emergencies that require you to head up to the States. 

So you have made the decision to buy your retirement home in Mexico, now what?  It is always wise to do your research on the internet and read a variety of blogs, websites, and discussion forums to hear the areas that are most popular.  One such valuable website on Los Cabos Real Estate is loscabosagent.com.  If Cabo is not your area of choice a simple google search of "______  Real Estate" will do the trick.  Fill in the blank with Puerta Vallarta, Cancun, Mayan Riviera, Lake Chapala, Rocky Point, etc.  

Generally speaking real estate in Mexico is cheaper and offers many more amenities that most properties back home don't offer.  For example, it is typical to have a community pool, 24/7 gated security, and fitness room.  The amenities and carefree ownership are important features to owning a home in Mexico.  Not to mention the fact that real estate taxes are typically only .1% of the value of the property paid each year.  This is usually about 1/10 the normal real estate taxes retirees would be paying for a similar property back home.  

To learn more about Jim Cramer's take on the Mexican Real Estate investment read below.  Just keep in mind that his last point of no real estate taxes is a little inaccurate.  I think he was figuring if you're paying .1% per year it pretty much is like paying nothing.  


Wednesday, July 28, 2010
CNBC’s Stock Market Guru Urges Investing in Mexico

Jim Cramer, the Bombastic, high-energy investment Guru and host of CNBC’s massively successful show “Mad Money”, gave Mexico real estate investment a big boost this week. Cramer told his audience:

“It’s not such a bad idea to diversify away from stocks, I think that out of favor real estate in Mexico, that’s easily accessible to Americans, represents a great buy”.

With as many as 2.5 million investors viewing the show each week, the controversial host wields quite a bit of influence among his viewership and in the marketplace as a whole. His following is so intense that it has created a unique phenomenon in the stock market known as the “Cramer Bounce”, which can be best described “as the sudden overnight appreciation of a stock’s price after it has been recommended by Jim Cramer on his CNBC show”, “Mad Money”.

Why does Cramer have such clout? Well, after graduating magna *** laude from Harvard College, his first year as a rookie broker with Goldman Sachs, he made over $700,000. After he paid his dues at Goldman, Cramer started his own $450 million hedge fund where he earned 24% after fees, regularly taking home over $10 million a year. Cramer’s fund finished in 2001, up 36%, compared to -11% for the S&P 500 average and walked away with $100 million and change.

Since then, he founded TheStreet.com and has written five New York Times best selling books and his articles are featured in Time and New York Magazines. He also a frequent guest on Meet the Press, Today Show, 60 Minutes, NBC’s Nightly News, The Tonight Show and most major financial networks.

Following his own advice, Cramer recently announced to his audience that he had already purchased three properties in Mexico within the last few weeks. When asked about hyped headlines about drug violence and turmoil in Mexico, Cramer downplayed those fears, he said, “Mexico is a big country and not every province, every state is involved in the drug trade”, and he added, “it has to be one of the nicest places I’ve ever been.”

When asked why he invested money in Mexico real estate, he replied, There is “no property tax,” the properties are “incredibly easy to maintain,” and there are “property managers everywhere.”  

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