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Summer is in the Cabo Air

What does Summer mean in Cabo?


Many people just can’t wait to get out of the winter months and into the summer to finally start enjoying warm weather.  It’s a common thing heard in Cabo San Lucas everyday among visitors.  Another common thing heard is for real estate in Cabo San Lucas “have we hit bottom?”.  It appears that the bottom of the Cabo San Lucas real estate market is here or very near.  The exact timing is always hard no matter what market you are in but the one thing that is for sure is that it still is a buyer’s market.  It is a great time to start buying and even more so now in the summer months. 


Unlike in many markets in the U.S. and Canada the where the real estate markets trend up during the summer the exact opposite happens here in Cabo.  The main reason is that the majority of visitors are in Cabo San Lucas during the months between October and May.  It’s Cabo’s high season and the low season is the time period between June and September.  The exciting part to all of this is that not only is Cabo in a down market with lower real estate prices than ever but also there is the “seasonal effect” happening where sellers are more desperate to sell due to the slower Cabo real estate traffic. 


The timing right now and the next 3 months represent prime time for those ready, willing and able to buy.  This not only is a good time to purchase but a fantastic time to rent too.  There are many property managers reporting now that owners aren’t so willing now to let their Cabo Villas lay dormant and are now considering long term rentals instead of short term for that more consistent cash flow.   


So even though many try to stay home during the summer months and leave Cabo San Lucas for the winter and spring time there is definite good reason to come during the summer months not only for a cheaper vacation but also to be buying that dream villa that is at historically low prices.  

Posted: Friday, June 18, 2010 9:47 AM by Nick Fong


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