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All our social media followers and current clients in our database who refer someone interested in the Los Cabos Real Estate Market who is not registered on our website. This is only during the period mentioned below.
The program starts on Dec 16th, 2019, and finishes on January 4th, 2020. The winner will be announced on FB on Jan 6th. This is for people in Mexico, Canada, and the United States territories.
Refer a valid name, mail or phone number of a person interested whether in buying or selling a property in Los Cabos by sending an email to emmanoel@loscabosagent.com.
Participants will receive a lottery number for each person they refer to Los Cabos Agent. 
The numbers will be raffled live on our Facebook and Youtube Channel and the winner will be announced on January 6th. 
The price is an Amazon Gift Certificate. Review the value in conditions, below. 
The Program will be valid from Dec 9th to Dec 31st, 2019. 
The more persons you refer the more chances to win! 
The referred person will receive an email and they have to agree by replying to the email with the phrase: I want to Buy/Sell a property in Cabo. 
After the referral replies, the participant will get the number for the raffle. 
The participant can’t be the referred person at the same time. They will need to be referred by another person.
The value of the gift certificate will be initially 50 USD. If the program reaches more than 50 referrals every extra person referred will add an extra dollar to the prize. The value of the certificate will be determined by the number of referrals registered.