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Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas is one of the premiere, private, residential communities in Cabo.  It has grown steadily for over thirty years and it offers breathtaking views, cobblestone streets and all the modern amenities.

In Pedregal you can live in privacy and enjoy a casual lifestyle and, yet, be just a few minutes away from world class restaurants and sports facilities.

Investors have been attracted to the Pedregal for three decades.  Besides buying a turnkey home, the area offers great building sites and the opportunity to choose a view of the marina and downtown Cabo or the Pacific Ocean and unending beaches.

From the beginning, superior quality and meticulous planning have been the watchwords of the region’s most prestigious development.

To protect the value of every residence and property within Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas, an architectural review committee approves all construction plans and ensures the uninterrupted beauty of views from adjacent lots.





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