Los Cabos Pedregal Real Estate

Discover a private residential community in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, called Los Cabos Pedregal.  This premier community is located near El Arco de Cabo San Lucas: The arch that marks Lands End.  And, it boasts the best of the old world integrated into a truly modern environment.  There, you'll enjoy breathtaking views, cobblestone streets and modern amenities that are part of a casual, tropical-living experience.

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How Pedregal started

Back in 1974, Manuel Diaz Rivera (Don Manuel) developed this 360-acre piece of land, transforming it into the prestigious neighborhood of Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal. Over a period of four decades, he turned this gated community into Cabo San Lucas’ most exclusive neighborhood through meticulous attention to detail.

The Pedregal community

Relax in your own private villa and enjoy the amazing panoramic ocean views any time you wish.  And in the mean time, watch your property value rise.  So, how else can you earn money while taking a much-needed break.


At Los Cabos Pedregal, home owners have the freedom to create unique properties.  And, homes are built and improved with the highest-quality construction practices.  Also, there are beautiful gardens and elaborate stonework that add to the elegance within the community.  The HOA cares about the natural environment.  So, they make sure all of the homes and structures are eco-friendly, visually pleasing and they complement all of the natural surroundings.

Los Cabos Pedregal ensures protection of the homeowner's investment through a thoughtfully administered homeowner's association.  And, it includes an architectural control committee that approves all construction plans.  Also, it protects the views from adjacent lots.  Therefore, it secures your investment by maintaining uniformity.


Home owners are secure within this private gated community.  To explain, it has 24-hour security and electronic gates that stand at each entrance to the property.  Also, there's a security guard stationed  on the property 24-hours-per-day.  And finally, there are additional guards that regularly patrol the entire property.

Beach access

Every one of the Los Cabos Pedregal home owners and visitors have access to the exclusive beach on the Pacific Ocean.  This easy access is located on the western edge of the community.  And, there's a delightful tropical palm grove that provides great shade from the sun.

The pristine white-sand beach and the panoramic ocean view at Pedregal make the perfect combination to begin your day.  Start with a nice walk on the beach, or enjoy a spectacular sunset followed by star gazing.  Then, enjoy whale watchin, right from this immaculate stretch of sand.


Los Cabos Pedregal offers up-to-date utility services to each and every property that Include water, electric, telephone, sewage, and satellite dish access.  Telephone, satellite and wireless communication services are available through local private providers.  And, the quality of these services compares to that of the United States and Canada.

Fresh water

At Los Cabos Pedregal, there's a 250,000-gallon water storage facility.  Therefore, Pedregal had addressed the challenge of storing fresh water as one of its first innovations.

Leading the innovative services for its residents and guests, Los Cabos Pedregal is one of the few communities in Cabo that provides its own desalination plant.  It continually provides generous amounts ot water.  This private water supply is so plentiful that Pedregal has declined the use of the municipal water system.  This is a testiment to the level of commitment and exclusivity residents can enjoy in their homes at Pedregal.

Garbage service

The HOA provides garbage removal services along with street and common-area maintenance.  And, this is done with the highest level of cleanliness standards.  So, this provides plenty of comfort for the entire Pedregal community.

The Spa at Pedregal

Pamper all of your senses and indulge yourself into a fully relaxed experience by visiting The Spa at Pedregal.  Then, enjoy the calming view of the Pacific Ocean with a nice morning swim, an early workout, or simply treat your body to an invigorating massage or detoxifying facial.  So private and intimate, The Spa at Pedregal offers you personalized training, an organic line of skin-care products, and many caring services by the professionals on staff.

Pedregal Tennis Club

The Pedregal Tennis Club is located in the heart of the community, with both mountain vistas and splendid views overlooking the marina.  There are two well-lit tennis courts and a practice wall that provides ample space for individual practice.  The professional staff there will cater to your individual needs during your visit.  For example, enjoy custom-created tennis classes to advance your skills while you're there.

Bilingual private K-12 school

Colegio El Camino is a local, bilingual, private K-12 school located near the northern edge of the property.  Founded in 1983 by the effort of three pioneering local families, it emphasizes a well-rounded bilingual education.  El Camino started out with only 15 students and has now grown to be one of the leading academic institutes in Cabo.

This excellent school is currently in the process of acquiring international accreditation with two international organizations.  This will widen their students' overall education and offer more future opportunities.  Along with the epic achievements of Colegio El Camino, students of every grade level are offered field trips, festivals, expositions, athletic programs and artistic and academic contests to fully support their educational growth.  The school focuses on developing children's skills and abilities both in the classroom and out in the real world through applied activities on and off campus.

Los Cabos Organic Market

Since 2007, the Los Cabos Organic Market within Los Cabos Pedregal has offered an incredible selection of the freshest locally grown produce: all kinds of aromatic herbs and greens, colorful fruits and vegetables, whole roasted organic chicken, fresh whole chicken (legs, breasts, wings, giblets and livers available too!), organic eggs, gluten-free homemade food, raw local honey, local goat cheeses and milk, rustic European sourdough, traditional Mexican sweet breads, local fishmongers with the catch of the day, a delicious juice bar and most of all, great prices!  Another wonderful thing about the producers is that if given time and notice, they can help you with special orders or dishes for your family gatherings and dinners.


A glimpse into your day in the lifestyle at Pedregal: wake up to the soft warm lights of the sun rising over the panoramic Sea of Cortez. Then, hike the mountain for an early workout. Next, finish your perfect morning at the Organic Market for a cold pressed kale and orange juice. Finally, spend the rest of your day at the beach, the tennis courts or simply return to the tranquility of your own sacred place. Long story short, live the life you so deserve.

Los Cabos Pedregal´s elite location is just minutes away from the Cabo San Lucas Marina and all the entertainment, restaurants, shops and nightlife you can ask for.  But, it's far enough away to make you feel as if you were in another world: a world of tranquility, pristine comfort and a relaxed lifestyle.

The conveniences of Los Cabos Pedregal will live up to your highest expectations.

Pedregal Listings for Sale

As mentioned earlier, Los Cabos Pedregal is a 360 acre master-planned community with several hundred lots that currently house around 400 homes. It's the most exclusive gated community in all of Cabo San Lucas. Having been in existence for the past 30 years, many movie stars and other famous people have stayed in the houses of Pedregal. There are lots available to purchase along with a variety of homes for resale. Nothing compares to this community, as you'll see from the listings below...

Condos for Sale in Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur $509,000
17 photos
$509,000 USD
City Cabo San Lucas
Size 2167.82 sq. ft.
Style Apartment
Type Condominium
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 3
Condos for Sale in Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur $479,000
17 photos
$479,000 USD
" Rare gem in the Pedregal"
City Cabo San Lucas
Style Single Story
Type Condominium
Built 2008
Bedrooms 2

Pedregal MLS Listings in Cabo