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Discover a private residential community in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico called Pedregal.  This premier community is located near El Arco de Cabo San Lucas: The arch that marks Lands End.  And, it boasts the best of the old world integrated into a truly modern environment.  There, you'll enjoy breathtaking views, cobblestone streets and modern amenities that are part of a casual, tropical-living experience.

If you wish to see this community in person, and you want to learn more about the wonderful Resort, check out Pedregal Cabo San Lucas is where your bliss begins in Mexico.

How Pedregal started

Back in 1974, Manuel Diaz Rivera (Don Manuel) developed this 360-acre piece of land, transforming it into the prestigious neighborhood of Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas. Over a period of three decades, he turned this gated community into Cabo San Lucas’ most exclusive neighborhood through meticulous attention to detail.

The Pedregal community

Relax in your own private villa and enjoy the amazing panoramic ocean views any time you wish.  And in the mean time, watch your property value rise.  So, how else can you earn money while taking a much-needed break.


At Pedregal, home owners have the freedom to create unique properties.  And, homes are built and improved with the highest-quality construction practices.  Also, there are beautiful gardens and elaborate stonework that add to the elegance in the community.  The HOA cares about the natural environment.  So, they make sure all of the homes and structures are eco-friendly, visually pleasing and they complement all of the natural surroundings. Pedregal ensures protection of the homeowner's investment through a thoughtfully administered homeowner's association.  And, it includes an architectural control committee that approves all construction plans.  Also, it protects the views from adjacent lots.  Therefore, it secures your investment by maintaining uniformity.


Home owners are secure within this private gated community.  To explain, it has 24-hour security and electronic gates that stand at each entrance to the property.  Also, there's a security guard stationed  on the property 24-hours-per-day.  And finally, there are additional guards that regularly patrol the entire property.

Beach access

Every one of the Pedregal home owners and visitors have access to the exclusive beach on the Pacific Ocean.  This easy access is located on the western edge of the community.  And, there's a delightful tropical palm grove that provides great shade from the sun.


Pedregal offers up-to-date utility services to each and every property that Include water, electric, telephone, sewage, and satellite dish access.  Telephone, satellite and wireless communication services are available through local private providers.  And, the quality of these services compares to that of the United States and Canada.

Fresh water

At Pedregal, there's a 250,000-gallon water storage facility.  Therefore, Pedregal had addressed the challenge of storing fresh water as one of its first innovations.

Garbase service

The HOA provides garbage removal services along with street and common-area maintenance.  And, this is done with the highest level of cleanliness standards.  So, this provides plenty of comfort for the entire Pedregal community.

Spa and health club

Pedregal is currently planning to build a spa and Health Club for the community.  The facility will span roughly 10,000 square feet of fitness and health club amenities.  These include a full gym, treatment rooms, and food and beverage areas, which will cater to the healthy lifestyle that is so prevalent in Cabo San Lucas.

Children's park and playground

You'll find a well-tended, grassy playground inside the community.  Also, there's a children's playground located in the sandy central area made for families to play.

Professional tennis club

There are two all-season tennis courts and a practice backboard.  Reservations are suggested but they're not mandatory.

Private plant nursery

Pedregal boasts the only plant nursery for miles.  And it's private!  Receive free delivery and installation of plants and trees when you order them.  Also, be sure to ask about maintenance services for your gardens.  They'll take care of them when you're away.

Bilingual private K-12 school

El Camino is a local, bilingual, private K-12 school located near the northern edge of the property.  It emphasizes a well-rounded bilingual education.  And, the classrooms have small classes with only 20-25 children.  This allows the students to benefit from an effective learning environment with personal attention from the staff.

Pedregal Listings for Sale

As mentioned earlier, Pedregal is a 360 acre master-planned community with several hundred lots that currently house around 400 homes. It's the most exclusive gated community in all of Cabo San Lucas. Having been in existence for the past 30 years, many movie stars and other famous people have stayed in the houses of Pedregal. There are lots available to purchase along with a variety of homes for resale. Nothing compares to this community, as you'll see from the listings below...

41 photos

Villa Marcella, Pedregal

"Great for Luxury Vacation Rentals"
$7,450,000 USD
"Stunning Beachfront Home"
City San Lucas
Size 9118 sq. ft.
Style 3 Story
Type Residential
Built 2001
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 6
10 photos

Casa Alegria, Pedregal (15-2627)

"Luxury Oceanfront House"
$3,900,000 USD
"Exceptional location"
City Cabo San Lucas
Size 8500 sq. ft.
Style 2 Story
Lot Size 15152 sq. ft.
Type Residential
Built 2004
Taxes $377 USD
Condo Fee $4,970 USD
35 photos

Villa Gran Vista, Pedregal

"7 Bedroom and 7.5 Bathrooms"
$2,795,000 USD
"Best Price Sq/Ft in Pedregal"
City San Lucas
Size 7500 sq. ft.
Style Other
Type Residential
Bedrooms 7
Bathrooms 7
9 photos
$450,000 USD
"Seller Financing Avail"
City Cabo San Lucas
Size 1100 sq. ft.
Style LOT
Type Lots and Land
Taxes $600 USD
Condo Fee $1,700 USD
11 photos
$319,000 USD
City Cabo San Lucas
Style LOT
Lot Size 7437 sq. ft.
Type Lots and Land
Taxes $500 USD
Condo Fee $1,250 USD
8 photos

Pedregal Lot 134 Block 17, Pedregal

"Million Dollar Views"
$299,000 USD
"Seller Financing"
City Cabo San Lucas
Style LOT
Lot Size 7158 sq. ft.
Type Lots and Land
29 photos

Lot 15, Block 26 Valley of the Blue Moon, Pedregal

"Ocean view with approved building variance for multiple levels"
$250,000 USD
"Attractive Price Ocean View Lot -Valley Blue Moon "
City Cabo San Lucas
Style Bi-Level
Lot Size 993 sq. m.
Type Lots and Land
20 photos

Pedregal lot 123 block 17, Pedregal (15-2657)

"Unblockable Marina and Ocean views"
$225,000 USD
"Lowest price in Pedregal"
City Cabo San Lucas
Style Lot / Land
Lot Size 15166 sq. ft.
Type Lots and Land
Condo Fee $2,148 USD
53 photos


"Pacific Views!"
$3,600,000 USD
City Cabo San Lucas
Size 7018 sq. ft.
Style Other
Lot Size 14883 sq. ft.
Type Residential
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 4
9 photos
$3,499,000 USD
City Cabo San Lucas
Size 15709 sq. ft.
Style Single Story
Type Residential
Bedrooms 6
Bathrooms 5
65 photos


$2,900,000 USD
City Cabo San Lucas
Size 10000 sq. ft.
Style Other
Lot Size 6292 sq. ft.
Type Residential
Built 2006
Bedrooms 9
Bathrooms 9
42 photos

CABO PEDREGAL HOTEL , Pedregal (18-2723)

$2,000,000 USD
Size 27827 sq. ft.
Style Commercial
Lot Size 767 sq. m.
Type Commercial
Built 2015
Bedrooms 45
Bathrooms 45
Taxes $1075 USD
Condo Fee $183 USD
44 photos
$1,695,000 USD
City Cabo San Lucas
Size 4745.16 sq. ft.
Style Single Story
Lot Size 5794.69 sq. ft.
Type Residential
Built 2016
Bedrooms 6
Bathrooms 6
Taxes $1669 USD
40 photos

Villa Luces del Mar, Pedregal

$1,650,000 USD
City Cabo San Lucas
Size 6000 sq. ft.
Style Other
Lot Size 8611 sq. ft.
Type Residential
Built 2006
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 5
110 photos


"New on the market!"
$1,595,000 USD
"Great price"
City Cabo San Lucas
Size 6500 sq. ft.
Style Other
Lot Size 9644 sq. ft.
Type Residential
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 4
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