The Alternative to Full Ownership

Fractional ownership of vacation homes, also called private residence clubs, is a relatively new concept that allows you to enjoy 4 to 12 weeks of home ownership privileges per year at an upscale, luxury resort but at a fraction of the cost of whole ownership.

If you want to own an impressive second home complete with personalized services and located in an expensive resort area but can't quite justify the expense because you'll only be using it a few weeks or months of the year, this type of real estate arrangement may appeal to you.

Most fractional ownership communities offer extensive amenities.  These may include an extravagant clubhouse and spa, plus 5-star hotel services, the kind you couldn't expect to have in a wholly-owned vacation home, high-end condo or timeshare.

Imagine this:  You are going on vacation and you call ahead to the staff at your fractional ownership home.  At your request, the staff shops for your groceries, dry cleans your clothing, makes your restaurant reservations, heats your private splash pool, and places your knick-knacks and favorite family pictures around your home.  Fractional ownership homes tend not to be your ordinary second home.

I have included information of the fractional ownership projects here in Cabo.  Please feel free to navigate through and contact me with any questions.