Cabo Property Management

Most homeowners here in Cabo do not live here all year round. It is because of this reason that many of the tedious items like paying your bills, cleaning the pool, gardening, etc need to be taken care of by someone. The role of the property manager is to take care of these things and many more like paying your real estate taxes and fideicomiso (real estate trust) fees every year. Rocio Montano is our property manager that will customize her services to your housing needs. Rocio (pronounced "row see o") has over 11 years in the hotel hospitality business working as the Operations Manager for the Hacienda del Mar here in Cabo San Lucas. She was in charge of over 200 rooms, 200 employees, and thousands of guests a week. After leaving her position at  Hacienda del Mar, Rocio concentrated on developing her restaurant in Cabo - Eat at Palmilla (San Jose del Cabo). She saw a need in providing the property management services for her husband's, Nick Fong, clients once they purchased homes here in Cabo. The difficulties of handling the different culture and language are just a start in the challenges Rocio and Nick saw with their clients. Rocio has been able to provide a high level of service and attention to her clients that has not gone unnoticed.

To contact Rocio directly you can email her at (Email) or call her at the following (Phone) 624-157-1445 (Cabo Cell) or 312-725-3664 (US number). She will be happy to hear from you and provide you with customized quotation the services you require.