Cabo Property Management

Most homeowners here in Cabo do not live here all year round. It is because of this reason that many of the tedious items like paying your bills, cleaning the pool, gardening, etc need to be taken care of by someone. The role of the property manager is to take care of these things and many more like paying your real estate taxes and fideicomiso (real estate trust) fees every year. Rocio Montano is our property manager that will customize her services to your housing needs. Rocio (pronounced "row see o") has over 11 years in the hotel hospitality business working as the Operations Manager for the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar here in Cabo San Lucas. She was in charge of over 200 rooms, 200 employees, and thousands of guests a week. After leaving her position at Sheraton Hacienda del Mar, Rocio concentrated on developing her restaurant in Cabo - Eat at Palmilla (San Jose del Cabo). She saw a need in providing the property management services for her husband's, Nick Fong, clients once they purchased homes here in Cabo. The difficulties of handling the different culture and language are just a start in the challenges Rocio and Nick saw with their clients. Rocio has been able to provide a high level of service and attention to her clients that has not gone unnoticed.

To contact Rocio directly you can email her at (Email) rocioincabo@gmail.com or call her at the following (Phone) 624-157-1445 (Cabo Cell) or 773-353-5069 (US number). She will be happy to hear from you and provide you with customized quotation the services you require.


What Rocio's Clients say about her:

I can not even begin express the incredible job Rocio has done for us. We had major problems with the finishing of our home and had it not been for Rocio things could have turned into a huge nightmare. She is meticulous at her job, she attends to every detail with professionalism. She is knowledgeable in all areas of taking care of our home from maid service to installation of phones and internet. She is there when you need her no matter what. She is truly a godsend. She goes above and beyond her job description, in more ways than she should and makes having a home in a country outside of ours easy. I do not worry, if something needs to be done, if I ask, I never worry about it again. It is a rare quality these days, her work ethic is impeccable. I would recommend Rocio to anyone who needs someone to really look after their investment in Cabo. (Leslie R.) We purchased our vacation home in Cabo in April of 2008.

Nick Fong ably represented us as buyer’s agent for the transaction and we also had the pleasure of meeting Nick’s wife, Rocio Montano, during our house hunting expeditions. At the time of closing we decided to take the “easy route” by retaining the property manager used by the previous owner. However, within the first six months of ownership it became clear to us that the management services being provided were unacceptable. In particular, the accounting for household costs was sporadic and unintelligible and, more importantly, a number of utility and service bills had gone unpaid for months although the accounting reflected full and timely payment. When we discussed our problem with Nick and Rocio, Rocio kindly offered to assist us. Knowing Rocio to be intelligent, industrious and honest, we gladly accepted. The difference has been like night and day. Within the first month, Rocio created a new accounting system for us, brought all payments up to date, reconciled our bank account, and renegotiated the cost of services she felt were higher than customary. Since then, the accounting has been timely, understandable and accurate. And, our total cost of ownership has actually decreased while the quality of service from our service suppliers has improved. We consider ourselves fortunate to have Rocio’s services and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a property manager in Cabo.

(Mark and Jeanne H.) My business partners and purchased our house in Cabo Del Sol in 2008. After a eye opening and expensive first 18 months we hired Rocio to manage our property in August of 2009. It was the best decision we could have made. Rocio is an absolute pleasure to partner with, she manages the house with extreme care and does business with a high standard of ethics and integrity. We have been very happy with the care taken to detail on our house and the manner in which she takes care of our personal visits and commercial renters. I spent many hours looking at different house managers and am thankful I found Rocio. We all sleep much better knowing the house is in great hands. I recommend her with the highest confidence and would be happy to personally correspond if I can be of further assistance. (Dale B) After finding our ideal vacation home in Cabo last year, we needed to find someone who could coordinate the renovation of the house. We arranged to meet with Rocio to discuss what services she provides, and what we were looking for. With her past experience in the hospitality industry in Cabo, Rocio has a multitude of contacts with painters, electricians, plumbing repair, carpentry, tile work, gardeners, exterminators, appliance repair, etc. and is able to obtain quotes on any type of work needed. Most importantly, she will follow through from start to finish and the job is always done in a timely and professional manner.

On monthly visits to Cabo, we have been pleased with the quality as well as cost of work that has been done by her contractors. Rocio has proven to be an invaluable “house manager”. In addition to overseeing the house project, she also has taken care of changing utility bills, the satellilte hookup, a cell phone and USB stick (for laptop), and helped open bank accounts -- mundane things that can be challenging if you aren’t fluent in Spanish. While we aren’t there she will check on the house every week, and open-up the house prior to our arrival. I would absolutely recommend Rocio as a superb property manager. In addition to being proficient at what she does, she is also always accessible and so very pleasant to deal with. (Elyse O)


If you have any questions for our buyers agent, please feel free to contact us today. We are located in Los Cabos.